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Eritrea has three distinct regions.

The temperate central portion, where Asmara lies,
is situated on a rocky highland plateau, which separates the two desert regions.

These mountains fall away to reveal the eastern lowlands, characterised by the searing heat and humidity of the Eritrean salt pans, lapped by the Red Sea.

To the west of the plateau stretches a vast arid desert area, extending over an opaque border into Sudan and the empty Sahara beyond.  It is this desert that Eritrean refugees have to cross to reach the relative safety of the Sudanese refugee camps.  Thousands make this journey every year.

Featured Areas Keren    

1. Asmara
2. Massawa
3. Keren
4. Dahlak
5. Sawa
6. W'ia
7. Assab

Keren is the capital of the Anseba province, and was highly favoured by the Italian colonists because of its fertile soil and pleasant climate.

 The town controls the northern approach to Asmara, and is thus strategically important.

 There are still military cemeteries for Italian, British and African troops who fought here in the Second World War. Visit the blog, and click on the ‘Military’ category to learn more.