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Eritrea has three distinct regions.

The temperate central portion, where Asmara lies,
is situated on a rocky highland plateau, which separates the two desert regions.

These mountains fall away to reveal the eastern lowlands, characterised by the searing heat and humidity of the Eritrean salt pans, lapped by the Red Sea.

To the west of the plateau stretches a vast arid desert area, extending over an opaque border into Sudan and the empty Sahara beyond.  It is this desert that Eritrean refugees have to cross to reach the relative safety of the Sudanese refugee camps.  Thousands make this journey every year.

Featured Areas Massawa    

1. Asmara
2. Massawa
3. Keren
4. Dahlak
5. Sawa
6. W'ia
7. Assab

This town used to be the safest and biggest port of East Africa but suffered from heavy fighting in the war of independence. Wander down the tiny backstreets: enjoy the mix of architecture: Italian, Ottoman, and indigenous. In the evening you should make your way down to the Adulis Restaurant (in the square with the mosque) for fresh fish, rice and bread. Then have a last beer looking out over the whole city from the vast circular balcony of the faded modernist Dahlak Hotel.